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Sometimes it’s good to reinvent yourself. Last week, Techbeat reported that Microsoft had a plan to stop their tech support of all older versions of Internet Explorer beginning in January of 2016. They want everyone to update to the latest version of Internet Explorer (IE), which is IE 11. If users do not update to the most current version, they will not receive any kind of security updates or technical support. This is a move resemblant of what Microsoft recently did with Windows XP – trying to get everyone to update to Windows  7 and 8.

But that may not be the only change they’re making. If a recent conversation on Reddit with IE engineers has any merit, there have been some serious recent internal talks about changing the name of the classic internet browser. Maybe starting over with a new name will help IE with the makeover it seems to so desperately want.

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While we don’t know what any of the possible name options are, it seems like a big deal that Microsoft is even willing to talk about changing such an iconic name in the first place. So don’t be surprised in the future if Microsoft comes out with a “new” Internet Explorer.

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