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Are you ever worried about the security of the software you use? Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit protects you against the security vulnerabilities that could be found in the code  which make up your software programs. Your software contains millions of lines of code, which unfortunately some people want to exploit. Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit protects you from these vulnerabilities which people can manipulate in order to infect your system with malware.

The software gives you three layers of security protection around popular browsers and applications, thereby preventing the vulnerable code from being exploited. The software is not an antivirus product in itself, but it is compatible with most antivirus software.


  • It protects browsers and their add-ons
  • Protects browser components
  • Protects media players and PDF readers
  • Allows you to manage custom shields
  • Best of all, it’s free!

The following updates, fixes and new features have been undertaken in this latest version of Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit:

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New Features:

  • Engine (DLL) code re-write to improve stability and compatibility.
  • Added mitigations DEP Enforcement, Anti-HeapSpraying and BottomUp ASLR.
  • Added new Layer0 “Application Hardening” protections.
  • Added Layer1 new generic ROP protection mitigations.
  • Added Layer1 new StackPivoting 64bit protection mitigation.
  • Added Layer1 new StackExec 64bit protection mitigation.
  • Added Layer2 new caller mitigations for 64bits.
  • Added Layer3 new application behaviour mitigations.
  • Added trial mode to allow for testing of Premium version.
  • Added Quarantine of blocked payloads from Layer3 detections.
  • Added filename details for default and custom shields.
  • Added graphic user interface bitmaps.
  • Added new “Protection stopped” tray-bar balloon.
  • Added new counter which counts apps instead of processes.
  Browser automation tasker. New study: DNS spoofing doubles in six years ... albeit from the point of naff all


  • Improved IPC communication between Service and protection DLL.
  • Improved management of 64bit processes by keeping mbae64.exe running.
  • Improved “other” custom shield profile to reduce potential FPs.
  • Improved Foxit Reader default shield to shield the latest version.
  • Improved exploit threat telemetry and logging.


  • Fixed false positive when opening Word or Excel under certain conditions.
  • Fixed false positive when installing and running Silverlight for the first time.
  • Fixed injection driver to resolve conflicts with third-party applications.
  • Fixed multi-select and edit options in Shields and Exclusions tab.
  • Fixed tray-bar icon right-click bug under Windows 8.1.
  • Fixed UI closing when right-clicking on tray-bar icon.
  • Fixed bug when double-clicking the tray-bar icon with UI open.
  • Fixed issues with shielded apps counter with Chrome and Java.
  • Fixed bug when uninjecting under certain conditions.
  • Fixed remaining issues which caused Java FPs under certain conditions.
  • Fixed DoS condition in the MBAE driver.

You can download Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit from, today.

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